Area Rugs
Pet Stains

Area Rugs
Pet Stains

Dear Knight Carpet,

  I just wanted to thank your wonderful
  company for the job they did on my wool
  area rugs. I always had my rugs sent out
  and cleaned till my neighbor told me about
  your services. My area rugs were dry in two
  hours and they look great! I will highly
  recommend your company! 

  Mrs. Ferrara...Weymouth, Ma.
          Understanding the Area Rug
                 Cleaning Business

Mrs. Smith calls XYZ Company to pick up her $1000 oriental rug that sits under her dining room table for which she will pay a pricey pickup and delivery fee. One of three things will happen to her rug depending on the company. It may go back to the owner's garage and then be cleaned and hung to dry or just rolled up to dry. It may go to a business that has what is called a "wash "pit" and her rug gets totally immersed in water, or it just goes to a warehouse where it is cleaned and hung to dry. Knight Carpet has seen all the gimmicks! First off Mrs. Smith's oriental rug is sitting under her dining room table. It's not outside on the porch. It's not in the foyer of her home taking abuse! 90% percent of area rugs in the home are in places that don't get that much abuse and traffic. Knight Carpet doesn't want to see your rug get immersed in a tub of water or anything else. Knight Carpet doesn't want your rug hung over anything for long periods of time! Knight Carpet doesn't want your rug rolled up to dry. Why? Because overwetting any carpet causes bleeding, browning and stability issues. Bleeding causes the colors to run into other colors on the carpet. Browning causes color change where one side of the rug will be brighter than the other. Overwetting also causes stability issues where the rug never sits the same way on the floor. I have heard and seen all the complaints from my customers! The only way I would recommend a wash pit for an area rug is if it had urine contamination and the rug has some sort of sentimental value. Knight Carpet cleans all area rugs on site the way they should be cleaned. We don't care if the rug is worth $14,000 or $14 they're all cleaned the same way

                     Wool Rugs
 We start by prespraying a product called Fine Fabric Prespray. This formula is specifically designed to prevent the bleeding or browning that often occurs with natural fibers. It is a blended product of solvents and detergents that leaves your rugs soft and dye stable. Dyes will not migrate! It's approved by the Woolsafe Organization as safe on wool fabrics. 
Next we extract your carpets using a fiber rinse through our machine which strips all residue off your area rugs leaving them spotless and soft to the touch!

Will my wood floors underneath the carpet get wet?

Absolutely not! We use low moisture when cleaning area rugs. The backing barely gets wet and the rug will be dry in 2-4 hours!

Can I hang my rugs somewhere to dry?

Absolutely! Many of our customers will hang their rugs over a deck to dry in the sun. They usually dry in a quick 1-2 hours so they won't be damaged by being hung up too long!

Do you charge extra to clean area rugs?
No! Why should we? They're cleaned like any other carpet except with safer chemicals. See our price list.
Dear Knight Carpet & Upholstery,

   Thank you! When my husband came
   back from his tour in the Middle East
   and bought back numerous silk
   oriental rugs I didn't know If I could
   trust anyone to clean them. To be
   honest I was terrified to clean them.
   Thank you for convincing me not to 
   have them sent out to be cleaned, but
   for Knight Carpet to clean them using
   safe industry cleaning standards. My
   rugs are still immaculate after your
   cleaning. Again Thanks!

  Ms. Debra Miller...Plymouth, Mass.

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