Newsletter April 2013 Volume number 5

Please take the time to read this newsletter. This will be the most informative newsletter in regards to carpet & upholstery cleaning for the consumer you will find! You will come to understand that all carpet cleaners are far from equal. Quality carpet cleaning consist of using the proper ph, using safe and effective chemicals, serious equipment and good old fashion  hard work! Weather you use  our company or another, use this newsletter as a standard for the quality you should expect. Why as a consumer should you accept anything less with your hard earned Money!!

                       How Long will it take for my carpets to Dry after they're cleaned?

The length of time for carpets to dry after cleaning depends on the relative humidity inside and outside your home. On average it should take approximately 4-5 hours to dry. Knight carpet sets up commercial airmovers in your home as we clean in order to speed up the drying process. It's all about doing everything we can for our customers!

                   Why does Knight Carpet utilize a $25,000 machine to clean carpets?

Because our machine generates 250 degrees of continuous hot water and enough vacuum to suck up a small animal. With these two factors working, dirt has no chance of remaining on your carpets or upholstery. If it’s dirt, it’s gone. We can’t do anything about wear.

              Why do my carpets feel nice and soft when Knight Carpet cleans them,
                            and stiff when I use other companies?                                                                         

It has to do with chemistry and ph. Years ago when carpets were cleaned by shampooing, people would complain that they were stiff and would get soiled again very fast. That is because they were left in a high ph state and not neutralized. Although most companies don’t shampoo anymore, they still run chemicals through their machine that leaves carpets in a high ph state. Not only do we use a fiber rinse through our machines which strips off all residue, we utilize an onboard water softening system which guarantees you no residue. After your carpets dry, take off your  socks and feel how soft your carpets are!

              I paid a carpet cleaning company a lot of money to get rid of my urine
        problem from my dogs and cats, but I can still smell it. What can you
                                                    do differently?         

Well the first thing we can do is not charge you extra, and the second thing we can do is tell you the reality of your situation. When your pet pees on the floor, the urine goes through the carpet, through the padding and into the sub   floor. Keep in mind urine crystals never dry! I can detect urine from a pet that peed ten years ago. That is why when   it starts to get humid like in April the smell becomes more pronounced. The only thing you can do to completely rectify the situation is to pull up the carpet, throw away the padding, and seal the sub floor. For most of our customers, for whatever reason, that is not an option. In order to serve our customers we change our prespray and add a product called “Odorcide”. Please google it if you would like to learn more about this product. This product doesn’t completely solve your issues as stated above, but it does one heck of a job! We’re able to get rid of  a lot of the urine smell and a lot of the urine in the padding and carpet at no extra charge to you! It’s all about doing everything we possibly can do for our customers!

      Why are my wool rugs falling apart and yellow after I had them cleaned
                                             by another company?

Wool rugs are natural fibers. They need to be cleaned using safe products. Many companies still don’t understand ph. What happens when wool rugs are cleaned with high ph or enzyme cleaners is they slowly fall apart. Enzymes actually start to eat the fibers. The rug becomes unstable and the fibers slowly come loose.

                          Why doesn’t Knight Carpet have different cleaning packages?

Because those other companies are just trying to get more money out of you for something they should be doing anyway. How are you going to clean a carpet without deodorizing it? How are you going to clean a carpet without pre-spraying? How are you going to clean a carpet without trying to remove problem stains? It’s all a bunch of gimmicks my friends! When you’ve been around long enough, you realize you get what you pay for!

          Why is Knight Carpet in my home for a long time where as other companies
                                 are gone in 45 minutes to an hour?                                                                       

Because those other companies aren’t doing what you’re paying them for. Knight Carpet treats every stain that we can find. If it doesn’t come out rest assured it’s color loss. Carpet cleaners do what is called a dry pass with our wand. The guy flying out of your house probably did one dry pass. Knight Carpet does five to six passes. This helps your carpet dry fast and prevents the fibers from matting down. Like everything, hard work takes time!

  I had my carpets cleaned from you people last year, the balance on the
       square footage was $250 but you only charged me $175. Why?

Knight Carpet is in business obviously to make a profit. Like any business we need to make a certain amount for overhead, labor and supplies. But we don't want to make anymore than what we need to stay in business. We're not getting rich and we know most of you aren't. Measuring your areas to be cleaned just tells us approximately how long the job will take, but we factor in many variables in order to give you great service at a fair price!